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Udderly Bubbly

  Each one of these bars is handmade on the farm of The Cow's Coop using the old-fashioned cold process method. They are made with raw milk straight from our pasture raised holsteins and jersey dairy cows, adding that extra creaminess and boost of vitamins that is loved and desired. Our cows offer the large creamy bubbles due to their milk having high sugar, and high in vitamin B12 and D, as well as folate and selenium.

Every month, the milk is tested via DHIA to ensure only the highest quality milk is used in our products and for our own benefit of staying on top of the sought after protein and butterfat components. 

Each ingredient is pure and pronounceable while also soothing and satisfying for your skin. Grade A milk from our dairy cows is meticulously blended with olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sweet almond, and castor oils and then saponified. All fragrance oils used are always phthalate free!

*TIP -Cut your soap in half and it will last longer. Don’t let your bar sit in a puddle or sit in a constant flow of water or it will lose its longevity and hardness. 

DISCLAIMER: If allergic to any of the ingredients listed, do not use. Test the bar by applying to a small area on the skin, and rinse thoroughly. If any reactions occur, quit using immediately. 

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